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The DMX 512-A Handbook

DMX is an established Standard communications protocol for entertainment lighting and equipment which is also gaining wider acceptance in the architectural lighting market. The adoption within the entertainment industry of RDM by manufacturers is beginning to accelerate and so users need a clear guide on how to deal with such enabled equipment. 

This guidebook was originally conceived as a guide to the new DMX512-A standard on behalf of the ESTA Controls Protocols Working Group (CPWG). It has subsequently been updated and is aimed at all levels of reader from technicians working with or servicing equipment in the field as well as manufacturers looking to build in DMX control to their lighting products. It also gives thorough guidance to consultants and designers looking to design DMX networks. 

Author: James Eade
Publication Date: 30th October 2013
Book Format: Paperback
Kindle Version: Click here to buy from Amazon
Price: £13.95


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