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Technical Marketing Techniques

Technical Marketing is a novel concept, recently defined and elaborated by the authors of this book, with business-to-business companies competing in fast developing technical product sectors in mind.

It marks a departure from traditional economic derivations of marketing and consumer marketing techniques, where until now business-to-business marketing has merely adopted the ideas that evolved from the consumer world.

Now, marketing of technical products and services has been completely re-thought for today’s technology based enterprises. At the beginning of a new millennium, new challenges of global trading and the growing business use of the Internet and e-commerce, offer both new opportunities and new threats. The winners and losers of the 21st century could be determined by who succeeds in marketing to a better informed, individualistic and ever more demanding global audience.

The advent of Technical Marketing has arrived fortuitously to provide the tools to meet these challenges – the concepts and practical advice set out in this book should be required reading for anyone concerned with business-to-business marketing of technical products.

Author: David Brooks, Andy Collier and Steve Norman
Publication Date: 6th September 2000
Book Format: Paperback
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Price: £24.95


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