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Technical Marketing - Ideas for Engineers

When Technical Marketing Techniques was published in 2000, marketing was poised on the threshold of a new era. What advertising and design agencies then termed ‘new media’ was merely a glimpse of what was to follow as the Internet came to dominate and transform the way we did things. We coined the term Technical Marketing to describe a new way of operating for businesses and how they marketed their products and services on a global platform. ‘Technical Marketing – Ideas for Engineers’ retains a major opening section covering traditional marketing theory and then in the second section demonstrates how online and offline techniques can be integrated into an effective marketing communications plan. The final section of the book reviews the still evolving possibilities of digital marketing which is beginning to re write the rules of marketing.

Author: David Brooks
Publication Date: 26th August 2015
Book Format: Paperback
Kindle Version: Click here to buy from Amazon
Price: £26.95


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