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Stage Lighting for Theatre Designers

The primary aim of this book is to help the emerging theatre lighting designer acquire more knowledge of and insight into how light can be used in a theatre production. It should also be useful for other theatre personnel, such as the director who may wish to advance their ideas of the contribution lighting can make to the theatre. Clearly no book is a substitute for practical hands-on experience, but this book is both a springboard and a thorough guide to all the processes involved. 

Author: Nigel Morgan
Publication Date: 2nd June 2003
Book Format: Paperback
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Price: £17.95


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Ideal for anyone looking for a practical guide to theatrical lighting. Morgan is an experienced designer and takes the reader from the very basics of lighting theory through to the equipment encountered, and how effects are used to alter the light itself. The design and production process is covered, with several case studies. Well illustrated with plenty of diagrams – a good guide to the basics of theatre lighting.


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