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Let There Be Light - Entertainment Lighting Software Pioneers in Conversation

This book is compiled from a series of interviews by the author with various software engineers specialising in entertainment lighting products. Their conversations discuss the ideas and developments behind many of our most well-known controls, dimmers, moving lights and other gadgetry necessary for modern performance lighting; as well as a look into the personalities of these pioneers. 

Contributors to this book include: Gordon Pearlman (Kleigl Performer, Morpheus Light Commander, Horizon), David Cunningham (Light Palette, CD80, Sensor and also Source Four luminaires), John McKernon (Lightwright), Anne Valentino (Obsession, Virtuoso), Tom Thorne (Whole Hog), Mark Hunt (Icon M, Mbox), Tom Grimes (HES Controllers, RDM Protocol), Eric Cornwell (Virtual Light Lab, Express-Track), Chris Toulmin (Modelbox) and Wayne Howell (Lamp-Tramp, Grand Master Flash, Micrscope, Art-Net, etc).

Let There be Light will appeal to anyone interested in stage lighting product development over the last 30 years.

Author: Robert Bell
Publication Date: 10th March 2004
Book Format: Book
Kindle Version: Click here to buy from Amazon
Price: £32.00


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In what is probably the first book of it's kind, Bell goes beyond the traditional and sits down some of the most famous software pioneers in the entertainment business to find out what makes them tick. Early innovators such as Pearlman (Kliegl Desks, Strand Impact console); Cunningham (CD80 and Sensor Dimmers, Source four products); McKernon (Lightwright software); Thorne (Whole Hog); Hunt (LSD Icon); Toulmin (Modelbox) and Howell (Artistic Licence) amongst others have all given Bell an insight into how some well known companies and products came to fruition. A good read if at all interested in the industry's technical achievements.