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Close Protection - The Softer Skills

Close Protection – The Softer Skills’ by Geoffrey Padgham is the first educational book in a new ‘Security Series’ for Entertainment Technology Press, and it coincides with the launch of the new ‘Protective Security Management’ Foundation Degree at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College (BCUC). The author is a former full-career Metropolitan Police Inspector from New Scotland Yard with 27 years’  experience of close protection (CP). For 22 of those years he specialised in operations and senior management duties with the Royalty Protection Department at Buckingham Palace, followed by five years in the private security industry specialising in CP training design and delivery.

   The Security Industry Authority (SIA) as the regulator for the private security industry is currently working through a programme of sector licensing. As a subject expert, Geoffrey joined the official consultation group, and with others developed the final specification for core competency training and qualifications on which SIA CP licensing is based.

   This title is very different from most ‘bodyguard’ publications, which have a tendency to over-hype the job of protection and skim the reality of the role. The book covers many competency areas in the new knowledge and practical skills identified as integral and now mandatory for SIA licence close protection training. Many of these competencies are the softer skills passionately supported by the author such as interpersonal communication techniques, pro-active planning ability, flexibility and a professional relationship with the protected person. There is a chapter providing a basic explanation of ‘Threat and Risk, and one on the very new competency area of ‘Incidents and Dilemmas’ providing suggested management solutions and coping strategies.

   Geoffrey’s wealth of protection experience comes across throughout the text, which incorporates sound advice and exceptional practical guidance, subtly separating fact from fiction. This publication is a ‘must’ purchase for the CP beginner, and will also be an excellent form of reference material for experienced operatives and students attending the BCUC foundation degree course.

   As an added bonus the book is illustrated by Bill Mevin the multi-talented artist, who since 1992 has drawn the world-famous cartoon strip ‘The Perishers’, which, until recently, was a regular feature in the UK national newspaper the Daily Mirror. His illustrations perfectly capture the message of each chapter in the book, with an appropriate mix of professionalism and humour.

Author: Geoffrey Padgham
Publication Date: 4th September 2006
Book Format: Paperback
Kindle Version: Click here to buy from Amazon
Price: £11.95


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